We are temporary Frankfurters


When you got to Pulkovo airport in Saint Petersburg at 3:30 in the morning after a (mostly) lovely last night in the city (the ninety-minute wait for a cab with all our stuff in the entryway of our building was a mild irritant in an otherwise excellent day), sit around that airport for an hour before half-snoozing through the two-and-a-half-hour flight to Frankfurt and then catch an hour’s snooze in a relatively deserted early-morning arrivals hall in Terminal C in the massive and generally buzzing Frankfurt airport…

…well, by god, you damn well deserve a good German pilsener, even if it is only 9 in the morning and you’ve still got five more hours to sit around in the airport before your eight-hour flight on Montréal leaves.

This, at least, appears to be the philosophy we have adopted under our circumstances. We’d thought about maybe going into Frankfurt to pass some of our layover time, as one can catch a ten-minute train right to the city center, but it’s raining fairly steadily and we’re both pretty exhausted, physically and mentally, so snoozing on the long and armrest-free (take note, airport designers who seem aggressively hostile to travelers’ comfort!) benches.

Frankfurt’s not necessarily the most comfortable or coherent airport in the world, but it’s also far from the bottom of the list and we pulled up seats at the Goethe Café, where we had an early-morning coffee, sausage, and beer back in April 2014, when we first visited Saint Petersburg together. IMG_9991

The powers-that-be appear to have rotated Goethe so that he faces towards the giant Bayer pharmaceuticals sign not instead of turning his back on it as was the case in 2014. In any case, he watched over us as we hoisted a cold half-liter of good Licher Pils and devoured a breakfast of hard-rolls and croissant (me) and Bavarian weisswurst and a pretzel (Steph). We’ve got abstract plans to find a strudel before our flight starts boarding in about an hour, but I’m not sure where we’ll find the room for that in our stomachs, especially since they’ll likely serve us lunch on the plane within an hour of getting airborne at 2:00.

My brain is pretty wishy-washy from lack of sleep, so I won’t attempt any kind of composition any more gripping than this for the time being. I need to go through the literally thousands of photos that both Steph and I took and find some good ones that give a clear sense of what our week together there consisted of. Once I’ve got that done, I’ll start telling some more tales of NYI 2016.

Until then, auf Wiedersehen und Prost!


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