[UPDATED] In case you find yourself in Saint Petersburg on Thursday…

UPDATE: If you want to see actual footage from this show, some good folks have put video up on the Internet. For example, there’s almost 70 minutes of footage from the two lengthy sets that I played in 30-plus degree (Celsius) temperatures to a wonderfully responsive audience of mostly NYI-ers.

The video starts with some slower songs (and some off-key singing — ugh — as I got warmed-up), but the second half is really upbeat and rowdy as the Twinberry (as good as advertised/expected, by the way) got to flowing!

There are also a few other snippets out there on the Web, including this wonderful moment from an encore set later in the evening. I was way past my rehearsed material and when some students asked for a Nirvana sing, I started goofily playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” but had to confess that I no longer remembered the lyrics. Undaunted, four young NYI-ers pulled out their phones, looked up the lyrics and proceeded to harmonize the vocal on the stop. Ergo, The Four Cobainettes were born!


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As was the case last year, the whole thing was once again an absolute blast. Thanks to Anna Neva for putting it all together, thanks to 2,5 Men for letting us play there until the wee hours of the morning, and thanks to everyone who came and sang along on a sweaty, smiley evening.



photo 1

Here’s the event page on VK that Anna Neva made.

And here’s the schedule for the rest of the week at 2,5 Men, the venue at which I’ll be playing.


Please note, I had nothing to do with their website’s scheme for advertising their shavermi with what appear to be Suicide Girls, but I am curious about the local beer they seem to have just put on tap (and which I hope will still be around on Thursday night).


The Bakunin Brewery beers I had last year were all quite good, so this one piques my curiosity quite a lot.

8:30 on Thursday at Vosstaniye 25. Don’t be late!


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